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Low Income Seniors

Alberta Seniors Benefits  has a program (Special Needs Assistance) for seniors that have a  Lower Income. This program gives financial assistance with yard maintenance.  In order to qualify for the program  income thresholds must be met. A single senior's income will need to fall in between $0.00 and $22,565 and for a couple the income needs to be between$0.00 and $35,586. Special Needs Assistance also offers financial help in other areas which include different thresholds.For more information about Seniors Financial Assistance and the Special Needs Assistance Program you can visit or call Alberta Supports Centre (Provincial Building)200 - 5 Ave South 1-877-644-9992 Support Services Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (LSCO) 500 - 11 Street South 403-320-2222 ext 25 Nord Bridge Senior Centre 1904 - 13 Ave North 403-329-3222

We Work with the LSCO so if you feel you or a family member meet these thresholds give them a call.  Once you have confirmed you meet the requirements you can request that we supply them with the estimate for the services you are in need of. 

If you do not meet these thresholds give us a call directly to arrange for us to come see you, we would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.