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Scheduled Lawn Cutting

Weekly Lawn Cutting



Starting at the beginning of May we begin doing our weekly cuts for our customers. Lawns are mowed from a different direction each week and included with every cut is weed-whacking of lawn edges and we also blow the clippings from the sidewalks.  You have the option to have your lawn mulched, benefiting from all the natural nutrients from the clippings, or we bag the clippings, where they go to a site for compost. 

Our mower blades are sharpened and maintained regularly to optimize every cut.

Single Lawn Cutting


We also offer single cuts for when you just don't have time or heading out for a vacation.

More Than Just Cuts


Power Raking

 A power rake is basically a rake with a motor. A power rake removes thatch from the surface of your lawn allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil. All though some thatch is good for your lawn to much of it blocks the water and nutrients from getting to the soil and your root system may start to grow into the thatch and not down in the soil, where it needs to be. Unlike aerating you need the surface of the ground to be dry or the power rake may rip your grass out by the root



Aerating is perforating small holes into the surface of your lawn to allow oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the root system and also alleviates soil compaction. You should water you lawn for approximately an hour the night before aerating to allow the aerator to perforate 2 to 3 inch holes.   


Fertilizing & Weed Control

Fertilizers contain the three major nutrients: nitrogen (N) to promote leaf growth and dark green color, phosphorous (P) for root growth, and potassium (K) for stress resistance. A spring fertilizing is a good way to get a healthy and strong lawn going and a fertilizing in the fall to get your lawn ready for it's long winter sleep. A healthy thick lawn will help keep pests and weeds away.