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Fence painting & staining

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What Products to Use



Paint looks great when it is first applied and is a better option than stain if your fence has a lot of imperfections. You can also paint your fence any colour imaginable. Paint however sits on the surface and can peal and flake off eventually under our extreme weather conditions. 



You can use various types of stain, from transparent all the way to a solid stain. Transparent and semi transparent stains allow you to see the natural grain of the wood, it penetrates deep into the wood however, if you have any imperfections you will not want to use a transparent stain because it will show through. Solid stains sit on the top like a paint and only a bit of the natural grain, but like paint it can be tinted to any colour.

Chosing Your Product


Inexpensive paints and stains tend to have problems and they tend to happen quick. The paints tend to flake off and just simply don't look as nice.  The inexpensive stains tend to not penetrate into the wood properly.  We recommend using a quality product.